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Special Topics Class

April 24, 2009

Local artist Matte Wagner will be hosting a collage technique class in our studio space. Space is limited so call us to reserve your spot!

Collage 101
A class for the visual artist or crafty hobbyist! If you are interested in learning compositional, technical, and narrative skills that could be put to use in creating anything from a scrapbook to a work of fine art this class is for you. We will be covering basics such as archival materials, techniques for application, how to tell a “story” through composition, and how to manipulate found objects into becoming a piece of art. We will work together to help you produce at least one piece of art that you can frame, give as a gift, or continue to work on after the class is over.   Materials will be provided but feel free to bring a bag full of “stuff,” anything from an old pair of broken glasses to a letter from a loved one.
cost is $125. and includes all materials.  

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