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featured tool: tailor's ham

October 14, 2009

the tailor’s ham is a great tool to use for all sorts of sewing projects!

tailor's ham copy

it is designed to help press out creases in curved areas.  for example, if you’ve just sewn a dart and are having a hard time pressing it without wrinkling other areas, you can spread that curved area out on the ham and then press.

ham2 copy

i’ve found that this tool is especially useful when i’ve got a bust dart and a waist dart in the bodice that i’m sewing.  these 2 darts create a more formed bust area, but it is nearly impossible to press these darts out without a ham.

like so…


and your finished product: a shaped bodice that could not be accomplished by ironing on a flat surface.

ham4 copy

the tailor’s ham could also be used for pressing out curved areas in just about anything!  from darts and hip curves in garment construction, to the curved edges of a bag or craft you’re working on…the possibilities are endless!


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