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Make Your Own Origami Fabric Box!

October 15, 2010

Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own!




The materials that you need to create your box is fabric (I have fallen in love with the owl print!), fusible interfacing, an iron, and a sheet of paper.

The first step is to take the sheet of paper and make it into a square. All you need to do is fold it so it creates an isosceles triangle, and then trim the excess off to give yourself a perfect square.

The next step is to use the square piece of paper as your pattern to cut the fabric out.

The pattern for the interfacing needs to be a bit smaller to allow for the fabric edges to be turned. To do this, you fold over your square paper that you made in step one, but only fold it until it’s about 1/4″ from the edge. Crease, and cut the excess off.

Double check the modified pattern against the fabric that you cut out in step two to make sure you’ll have enough turn allowance. If it’s good, then use it to cut out your interfacing.

Now, take the fabric and interfacing and fuse them together with your iron.

Now, use your iron (don’t burn your fingers!) and carefully turn the edges of your fabric to get nice, clean edges.

This is the first origami step! Fold your square diagonally and line the corners up. Press with your iron, and then repeat once more with the other two corners.

This is what the creases should look like after completing that step.

The next origami step is to take one of the corners and fold it so the corner lines up with the center of the square. Iron, but be careful not to press out your first fold! Repeat with the other three corners.

This is what the fabric should look like when unfolded.

The third origami step is to take the corners and fold them just far enough so the corner falls in the center of the edge that your previous fold created. Repeat for all the corners.

The third origami step should look like this when unfolded.

For the fourth fold, take the corners and press them to the closest intersecting lines. Repeat three times.

This is what the creases should look like after the last fold.

The next step is to draw out where you will be cutting the fabric to make the sides of the box. The center four squares are the bottom of the box.

I’ve cut my fabric and now I’ve created two tabs and two edges.

Fold in the “edges”.

Both edges have been folded in.

Now, you have two of the four walls!

Take the “tabs” and fold them over the edge, tucking it into the crease so the wall of your box stays in place.

Repeat the fold on the opposite side.

Ta-da! You have your own origami fabric box!



Enjoy! And I can’t wait to see what fabric you use for your box!



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