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Holiday Hang Tag with Corded Trapunto

November 11, 2010

Check out how adorable this holiday hang tag is! As a bonus, it’s super easy to make. You can write your initials, name, create a design and attach it to your gifts; even use it as an ornament!

The materials you need for this project are some Fabrika fabric, heavyweight fusible interfacing, a ruler, some sort of thick cording, rubber cement, ribbon, scissors, and a bone folder. I’m using chip board to attach my cord to. The sewing machine that I’m using is industrial so it sews through the chip board easily. You can rent industrial sewing machines hourly from Fabrika; this is one of those projects when you can get all of them made and then come in and sew them up in no time! A product that a home machine could sew to would be oaktag. Another option would be to use an awl to poke holes through the chip board and hand sew it.

The first step is to measure out the chip board. Mine is going to be 4″ by 2.5″ so I’m using my ruler to mark out and cut my chip board to size.

I’ve tried out a bunch of different ways to draw my “F” (for Fabrika!) and as you can see, some are more successful than others. I’m going with the top design!

My fabric is about 1/2″  larger than the chip board. The interfacing will be cut to the size of the chip to reduce bulk when I’m turning the edges.

Here’s my pieces cut out!

I’ve turned on my iron and while it’s heating up I coated the cord and chip board with rubber cement. Rubber cement is a contact glue so both pieces need to be dry and then they are stuck together. It’s also nice because it’s re-positionable so if I don’t line up the cord exactly the first time I can easily remove it.

My cord is nice and lined up and ready to be covered with fabric.

I put my chip face-down on top of the interfacing that has also been coated with rubber cement. It’s important to re-cover the front of the chip with rubber cement because when you’re handling the cording some of it will come off. In order to get a nice, clean trapunto effect you need to have all the nooks and crannies coated with cement.

I’ve flipped the piece over and have pressed around the F with my bone folder. Work from the inside-out so you can press out all of the air bubbles. Once again, if you mess up you can just lift it up and start over! Rubber cement is awesome.

Once the design is pressed in you need to fold the edges of the fabric over. To get crisp corners pinch the excess fabric and then snip it off.

The backing needs to be about a half inch larger than the chip board so the edges can be folded over to create a nice frame around the monogram.

My edges have been rubber cemented (yay rubber cement!) and folded over, the corners clipped as well. The loop can be created with ribbon, yarn, elastic, or anything in between. I used a bit of cord, coated it with rubber cement, cut out a strip of fabric, coated it with rubber cement, and rolled the cord in the fabric.

My hang tag is all binder clipped and ready to be sewn!

Here’s the completed hang tag! Happy Holidays! Time for some pumpkin pie…




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